7 Кроків до Нового Суспільства

7 Steps To A New Society

You don’t have to be a superhero, an influential person, or belong to a special community to change the world.

First of all, in order to restore the natural balance and social equality, it is necessary to reconsider our own priorities, values, habits and culture of consumption.

Our reality is the result of millions of decisions that each individual makes throughout his life.

That is why I urge you to take seven simple steps that can change our society, the environment and even change the course of history.

1. Take care about the future now

Take a bit of responsibility. Be conscious, let people and new experiences into your life.
I’m sure we all have enough wisdom to make our own decisions. Don’t look at wrappers, prices, other people’s words and advertising. Remember, nothing comes from nowhere and doesn’t disappear without a trace.

When buying new things, it would be great to think about how long they will last, what emotions, energy and experience they will give during this time, and where they will be after use. Taking care of recycling in advance, we will literally save this planet like real superheroes.

At the moment, every living organism contains microplastic particles, but knowing this, we do not stop producing it.

Cheap disposable products have no right to exist, after use they end up in the environment, where they get into nature and poison our water and food. Companies that create such things should not receive funding and prosper! Only by consciously giving up harmful goods and services, we (consumers) can stop this madness!

Eventually, the decisions we make right now will become part of our reality in 5 years. It has always been and always will be.

2. Let go of the past for the sake of the present

Look around. Our world produces too much noise, speed and emotion. Our cities, streets, and homes are more like warehouses and landfills than temples and places to renew and relax.

We can clean, polish, and organize our space as much as we want, but we will not move even for a step in restoring simplicity, lightness and balance. There is a solution. Accumulating new items and experience, we should take care of a suitable place for the old ones. How can we do this?

Share. There are many people who just need our help. At the same time, billions of wonderful things are falling to dust and lying idle on our shelves, in closets, pantries and warehouses. These things deteriorate over time, without any benefit and without fulfilling the purpose of their existence. They do not make people’s lives easier and happier.

It can be anything: small clothes, unused shoes, old equipment, read books, unused stationery, extra pillow and blanket, table lamp, table, children’s clothes and toys, furniture, phone, computer, synthesizer, guitar, video camera, microphone, dishes, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, refrigerator, plumbing, materials, spare parts, tools, food and even transport and real estate.

Things we consider junk can be valuable to the people around us. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable and deprived of choices and opportunities. They do not have ways to provide themselves with the necessary things for a full life, self-realization and creativity.

If you are not ready to give away personal belongings forever – borrow them with a promise to return, or to pass on after use (reading, resizing, doing work, better variant, etc.).

Be active. Think for yourself, ask friends, take pictures and suggest things on social networks, create ads, visit a school or charity, or send extra things to the FREE PROJECT.
Everything that is broken and used can be handed over for repair, recycling, or disposal.

You will be amazed at how many things take up extra space in your home. How easy it is to live without these unnecessary things and thoughts. How many needs can be solved without the use of money.

We produce too many products. If we distributed already made things among all people, this would be enough to meet the needs of mankind for decades. This is despite the fact that most products are deliberately made of low quality and cheap, so they break down quickly and we have to buy new ones.

Companies make huge batches of goods and instead of caring about quality and the environment, they invest OUR money in decoration and advertising. If they can not sell the products – the goods just lie on the shelves and warehouses, until they are thrown away and pollute our nature.

If people learnt to wait, and local entrepreneurs made the things we need exclusively to order – the problem of consumption simply would not exist!

3. Live your life here

Our life is happening right now, in a moment that exists only for a flash. The mark we leave by our actions, however, will exist for thousands of years.

When I finally understood this simple truth, my thinking changed forever. All the actions I did thoughtlessly suddenly became meaningful.

Imagine, in order to get to your home, most things travel halfway around the planet. Is it possible without the use of tons of discarded plastic and cardboard packaging, cutting and recycling of trees, emissions from burnt fuel (airplanes, ships, cars), and as a result – poisoning of water and soil; construction of roads (which occupy space where plants could grow); slave labor (because continuous production is impossible without neglecting someone’s interests); advertising, which is created to sell goods and accelerate “growth”; use cheap and toxic substances to offset all these costs?

The simple soap we wash our hands with, along with all the poison in it, gets into the water and poisons the soil where the plants we eat will grow. All the garbage that we thoughtlessly produce and take out to the landfill will not disappear. Even a biodegradable plastic bag will eventually become microplastic and then get into our stomachs with water and food.

There is no mythical way to overcome these problems other than to stop creating them!

We are constantly developing transport, logistics and production. We are building new roads and cars, airports and planes, ports and ships.
Companies must always grow and accumulate capital – this is the basis of the modern economy. But who said that humanity should move in this way? Not me!

There are alternatives.
By buying, distributing and using things locally, we stop maintaining this circle. Enough to finance corporations and their owners!

By buying things from small businesses, we share money with the people around us, enrich the local community, save energy and resources, and avoid accumulating capital in the hands of billionaires.

By living this life here and now, we take responsibility for the consequences of the results of our existence.

4. Give a positive boost

Choose better! Between good and evil – good, between conflict and compromise – compromise, between request and manipulation – request.
The actions we project on others affect ourselves.

By smiling at other people, we give a piece of our energy. This energy will give them the strength to be a little kinder to others. And those others may return this good to us.

It is easy to be rude to a stranger, especially if life does not meet our expectations, but the momentum we give extends further.

If we want the world to be kinder, cleaner, more tolerant or bolder, we need to give it the impetus it needs.

The next time someone shares a negativity with you, think about whether you want this energy to spread further.
If not, stop this circle here and now!

5. Allow yourself to be yourself

You are exciting! You are beautiful, strong, valuable, and unique. You are alive, real and extremely important. The trace you leave in history will always exist. No one should assure you of anything else.

From childhood we are constantly shown what we need and should not be. All our lives we are constantly evaluated and sorted, confronted and compared, labeled, divided into nationalities, classes, age groups and forced to believe in competition, success and fame.

Striving for perfection is great, but to believe that wealth and influence are the equivalents of happiness is very far from reality. We are different and strive for different things. If you like to bake bread, play the guitar, write electronic music and sew toys from old things – it’s absolutely normal.

The ability to create and live the life we want is the meaning of our existence.

We all love diversity. Tastes, smells, colors, touches, sounds. Isn’t it wonderful when life is full of feelings? However for some reason, when it comes to people, we try to use patterns (communist, believer, hard worker, lazy, businessman, black, Chinese, capitalist, rich, stupid).

Understand one thing, the world is constantly changing, and throughout our lives, each of us tries on hundreds of these invented roles.

You should not limit your world by yourself. Believe, there are so many restrictions around us.

You can do anything, combine the incompatible and create the unreal.
No matter what other people think, they have not gone the same way that fell to your lot.

Allow yourself to be who you always have been, and finally accept others as they are.

6. Find integrity

Our world is as it is. It has existed for an unknown number of years and its functioning does not depend on humans.

Yes, our actions affect other living beings, and even change the ecology and climate of our planet. But on the scale of nature, our life is only a moment in the history of the universe.

Our planet will easily survive the cessation of our existence, but people will not be able to live without this planet. It has its own laws and processes, from which its rules and restrictions follow. However the Earth (our ancestors chose this name) has always been and will be our only home.

We seldom think about the reality it really is.
Earth, water, sun – we take all these things for granted. The soil that gives us food is slowly becoming synonymous with dirt. Water, the basis of all living things, is associated with something dangerous that must be constantly filtered and cleaned of bacteria.

In a contrived fear, we began to sterilize and destroy all living things. Pasteurize, preserve, fry, process and hermetically package all existing water and food. To avoid some mythical disease, we destroy all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals – all the value that has always been in excess, in nature-created, especially for humans, plant foods.

We humans, the ancestors of researchers, thinkers, creators, and adventurers, have lost our health and intelligence in the pursuit of safety. Unconsciously buying poisoned food filled with toxic preservatives, harmful dyes, and flavor enhancers, we have become addicted to our own habits.

Instead of living as nature intended (of which we are a part), we destroy the world in which we live. We have created death camps for animals, chemical and genetic weapons for insects and plants, and a system of financial slavery for people like us.

There is no place for life in the houses and cities we have built. Only empty, soulless, boulders, walls, fences, roads and streets filled with noise, garbage and harmful emissions.

In modern world, it is extremely difficult to feel harmony and peace. Today we cannot just sit with our eyes closed, contemplate the sky and the stars, or touch plants and animals.

A simple walk is a mixture of danger and trial. After all, every piece of land is a private territory for huge soulless blocks of metal, which continuously poison the air, move at a deadly speed for any creature and occupy all possible and impossible space.

Our children are deprived of space for games, because instead of playgrounds, we build parking lots. All they have left for life are tiny sidewalks and artificial parks.

Even at home, when the daily cycle of earthly life passes, left alone, we sit in front of luminous pieces of metal and plastic. It’s as if there is nothing more important in the world than things.

We are constantly trying to correct nature. The force that existed long before our appearance. If you feel doubts again – visit the forest or the village river, and you will be convinced that nature lives beautifully without our intervention.

Grass does not need to be mowed, plants do not beg for spraying and cultivation, the earth does not ask to be dug up, trees do not want to be felled, and innocent animals never beg to become domestic, so that human could decide to whom and how long to live in our common society.

Maybe it’s time to think. Are our fears and instant whims really worth living in such a world? How far have we gone? Is it possible to go back and try to live differently?

I believe that there is always hope. Our generation needs to change this outdated system. To regain our freedom, to save the living world, to preserve the existence of consciousness and to restore integrity with the Universe.

7. Appreciate

Now when we are a little closer to reality, let’s appreciate life as it is. Let’s protect the nature that we inherited “just like that”. Preserve opportunities that we may not have. Love and respect people, animals, plants, and all the things that exist around us, creating the world in which we live.

Following these steps is not easy, but the changes we can make, by the power of our willpower, will literally create a different future. A future we can truly be proud of, love and appreciate.

Now share this post with the three people you love. To make this world a little more conscious, better, and happier together.

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