Next-Gen Society Foundation and Initiatives

A platform for exchanging goods and support; working on planting free orchards and vegetable plantations; waste sorting and recycling; information on veganism, #ZeroWaste movement and upcycling; the best free resources and opportunities; the first charitable investment fund and other ambitious initiatives of FREE PROJECT, a non-profit organization that will change everything.

Healthy Food

We want to give everyone the equal opportunity to maintain a sufficient standard of living, comfort and nutrition without harming the environment.


Restoration and purification of the environment is our top priority!
Clean water and air are essential elements for the existence of any live organism.


We promote healthy lifestyle values, maintaining physical and moral health, as a necessary basis for a conscious and happy society.

Pure Water

We want to ensure equal access to knowledge regardless of age, gender and nationality. We need more dreamers, engineers and creators – educated and motivated people who can provide practical solutions to real problems.

Love & Care

We value the experience of past generations, take the best practices of today and consider the power of innovation. Trials and mistakes are an inevitable part of big changes since only those who do nothing are never wrong.

Travel Activities

Our goal is to create the World in which everyone can realize one’s full potential – to do what he or she loves and to love what he or she does. The more opportunities, the more people will live a happy and conscious life.

Recent posts

Interesting thoughts and notes about relevant topics related to a conscious lifestyle; recent news and updates regarding the main events of FREE PROJECT

7 Steps To A New Society

You don’t have to be a superhero, an influential person, or belong to a special community to change…


Let’s change this world together!


We cannot solve primary global problems caused by living in an outdated system that was created decades before we were born. The system needs to be changed.

The global problems cannot be solved at the same level at which they arose. It’s time to change the system!


People who have never maken a mistake have never tried to do something. Opportunities are not open to passive individuals.

Only by trying again and again we will be able to build a society in which there will be no place for the poverty, wars and environmental catastrophes.

Our goal is to create many free opportunities for thousands of new Einsteins and Masks.

Global initiatives

To change the consequences of fundamental problems, we must focus on the causes

Library of things

An online platform for free exchange of goods, experiences and help. Catalog of opportunities for the realization of desires and initiatives. A place where people share the extra and get what they need – always for free, for any purpose.

Green mission

Cleaning and restoration of the environment, development and creation of new natural massifs: planting of forests, orchards, vegetable plantations. Creation of free sources of healthy foods, energy and clean air available to everyone.

Free space

Organization of free creative and educational events. Opening of local centers for learning and development: workshops, halls, open spaces and clubs, where people can develop free research and volunteer in different activities, engage in science, embrace their creativity, exchange knowledge, experiences, and services.

Opportunity Fund

Opening of the first charitable investment fund that will support vegan, waste processing, #zerowaste, innovation, culture, social development, education, high-tech and green technologies projects. All dividends received will be spent only on charitable activities and reinvestment.

Rating of philanthropists

Companies and people who have already supported the FREE PROJECT initiatives

  1. Shukhrat Bobomuratov ($459)
  2. UNQA ($247)
  3. Bobo Eco ($110)
  4. Marina Pilipey ($110)
  5. Nazar Kashtan ($4)




Our ambitious goals

Society needs large-scale changes


participants of the exchange of things and assistance within the “Library of things”


hectares of planted orchards and vegetable plantations in terms of the “Green Mission”


free events organized on the basis of “Free Space” resources


environmental startups created with the help of the “Opportunity Fund”

Our team

We are friends, united by common values ​​and a desire to change the world for the better



Founder, developer, organizer



Lecturer, author, editor